Adam Sudakal is back as chairman of Al-Merreikh club board of directors

Khartoum- 10-06-2022 – Journalingual

Today, the Sudanese Football Association received a surprising letter from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), according to which it determined that Adam Sudakal is the current chairman of the board of directors of Al-Merreikh club, and that Hazem Mustafa, the other president of Al-Merreikh club, does not have any capacity to sign. Muddathir Khairi, a member of the Mars Council, a copy of it, that according to the temporary order issued by the head of the Appeals Arbitration Department on November 22, 2021 in Case No. 8413, it is clear that Adam Sudakal is the current president, and accordingly Hazem Mustafa does not have any capacity to sign any authorization in the name of Amir Hazim, and on In light of the foregoing, all correspondence and correspondence between the parties and the “Cas” court in the future will be sent exclusively to Dr. Muddathir Othman, representative of Al-Merreikh Club.