Alwasan organization and Peace Bridge Association, conducted a joint workshop on Violence against Women and FGM

Khartoum- 04/08/2021- Journalinhual

The need for social awareness among local communities in western Sudan has always been the most alterative field of work for many national , international and local organizations to contribute to the decrease of violence and against women, VAW is commonly practiced on venerable women through direct or indirect way , Female Gentile Mutilation FGM is the first legalized violence by some communities as claimed to be an indigenous costum and tradition that socially proud of , human and women right activists rejected that concept on which they believe is deadly violating the right or young females and for that Alwasan organization for Peace & Development in collaboration with Peace Bridge Association and support from SAFERWORLD concluded 3 days workshop on Violence against Women and FGM.
Professional facilitor Dr Mehrab from Fashir University has successfully provided full package on the subject targeting 15 participants from different communities in El-fashir.
The activitiy comes as a part of PBA current project “Youth Promoting Peace Through Nonviolence Culture” which is mainly supported by SAFERWORLD.