“Another Excitement is a waite in Doha FC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 is on doos”

Doha 13-10-2023- Journalingual

The world will meet again in the pearl of the most amazing Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is ready to host the Asian Football Cup after massive preparations and sophisticated readiness the bring the world population for the second time after the unprecedented gathering for World Cup 2022, being the first Arab nation to do so, Qatar is showing a spectacular hospitality by planning to provide affordable accommodation for spectators during the AFC Asian cup Qatar 2023

Utilizing the legacy left by the FIFA World Cup 2022 could be an excellent base to make it easy to provide available accommodation options said Hassan Rabia AlKuwarti the executive director of marketing and communication of the local organizing committee.

Coordination is also taking place with Qatar Tourism for some accommodation and lodging offers. Additionally, we are also in the process of working with the participating teams, either through the official federations or the official associations affiliated with the federations,” said Al Kuwari during a press conference held in Doha on Monday.

Hosting the World Cup followed by the Asian Cup in addition to the current Formula 1, simultaneously, makes Qatar to be the best in hosting world global events as far as sports concerns, let alone the international media capabilities with sustainable improvement coping with today’s modernity and globalization, this small nation had made the world knows no star out of reach and the sky is the only limit.