“Bullet on a child’s head”

BY Shakoor Nyaketo

An innocent child had to pay the price of a deadly war between the most powerful two men in the nation.

Three days and civilian in Khartoum are sleeping and wake up on a heavy weapons sound, in every phone call there is a sad news wither one of family is shot dead or badly injured, its hard breaking when you call a family member and they ask if you would meet again?

It’s of course hard breaking when a bomb falls on an innocent family who were barely surviving to live from hand to mouth, it’s unfortunate that the fight is not even in their life plan, insecurity at the cost ordinary citizen’s life.

After the spark the tragic and devastative fight ever in the history of Sudan, using heavy and average weapons in the streets of Khartoum city where civilians unwillingly sacrifice their lives during the war, bullets were to fall inside houses, families and their children are killed and there is no worry about that,

Any of us would ask why would this receive a bullet on the head? The answer would probably be its was not meant to soar at the child, do they think about before shooting? Who gives order to shoot? do they have families and children to far for, to think about their future?