“Call for volunteer bloggers and columnists”

Journalingual press is calling for talented and creative bloggers, columnists, article writers, and content creators to voluntarily pitch in stories from across the Eastern African region to encourage positive African content.

The call is for volunteer contributors who are passionate about writing their countries’ amazing stories that are untold by the international media, The project is a six-month writing contribution program for interested Eastern African writers.


1- Must be good at writing in the English language

2- Must be from the listed East African countries, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan Rwanda, and Ethiopia, or an expert in East African affairs

3- Must have at least entry-level of writing or blogging and or currently be involved content writing field

4- Must be originally written in English not translated from any other language

Thematic areas of writing (Topics)

Business and tourism

Agriculture /environment

Climate change and wildlife

Economics and trade

Education and Culture

History of East Africa

Customs and traditions


Accepted applicants will be featured in journalingual press with their personal contact information and be introduced to the public readers

His/her writing will be posted on the website for six months

A certificate of Journalingual Creative Writers will be awarded at the end of the six months of contribution

All accepted bloggers will be promoted to paid writers to journalingual

Will be invited for 2025 journalingual creative writers of East Africa (JKR) meat and great

The journalingual writing board will refer the website writers to other international media and journalism firms


Applications are accepted between October and November 2023

Story pinching will start in January 2024 and end in June 2024

Journalingual creative writers certificate will awarded in the 2024 meet and greet

The seven best bloggers will be chosen to write for Jurnaligual Press

How to Apply?

Interested applicants submit the following documents

1- LetterC of interest

2- Sample writing not less than 500 words introducing their respective countries

3- Recent passport photo (official attire )

Sent to journalingual@gmail.com

Copy – ceo@journalingual.com