“Dealing with the current situations in Khartoum and other cities in in Sudan”

Khartoum- 8-5-2023 Journalingual

H.E Mini Arko Minawi along side his colleagues who have signed Juba peace agreement are seeking ways to stop this insane war by calling the waring parts to a Sudanese Sudanese negotiating table to peacefuly remedy national issues through dialogue , the reality on ground resulted unlikely.

He added saying am not in support of any of the disputing parts , justifying that he is didn’t sign the peace in order to take part in war bu rather he sighed for the sake of peace.

He also stated that the peace and the democratic groups are continuing their efforts to stop this eveil war in the country.

Darfur region witnessed a somehow sort of stable security after H.E excellence the governed for the region formed a joint force from the armed movements to stop the war and combat the negative practices, looting civilians’ properties, securing public amenities and evacuating diplomatic┬ámissions.