“Dr. Abdalla Hamdook; The transitional prime minister of Sudan, addressed the nation over current political unrest”

Khartoum- 15-10- 2021 – Journalingual

By Shakoor Nyaketo

After weeks of back and forth political instability between both the civilian and military members of Sudan transitional government that was appointed after the December revolution and Juba Peace Agreement based on the Constitutional document singed and witnessed globally in Khartoum following the overwrought of NCP regime, the last failure military coup attempt left very fragile political ties between the militants and civilians.

Peace and security were the primary concern of the people as Khartoum has experienced some gangs, robbery and domestic theft as well ad terror attacks intimidated residents of Khartoum south that left everyone question the ability of government bringing peace and stability, let alone the economic downgrading in which the prices of basic life needs are again doubled consequently after the blockage of eastern Sudan ports with the governmental declaration of facing shortages of bread flour, fuel, and medicine due to discontinuity of exporting goods through the Port-Sudan terminals. 

In his address this evening, the prime minister said he is in support of civilian- democratic transition that should bring the approach of great December revolution to bring peace, freedom, and justice to the people of Sudan, referring to a series of meetings with both parts of military and civilian that his position is out of personalizing the national issues, but rather focuses on essential matters that in need of solutions should guarantee the protection of transition, correct its turbulence, securing the country’s unity and peace providing life needs for its great people, Dr Hamdook on the concluded stressing on the importance of looking up to the future without drowning in past details. 

The prime minister reminded us that only two years to go for an election that we should start work on it immediately with no delay, announcing the most important conclusions of his consecutive meeting, he disclosed the followings

1-the need to stop the political escalation between all parties and the assurance that the only way out is a serious and responsible dialogue on issues that decide the transition force 

2- The return to the work at all transition institutions to put the disputes at their proper places and managed through am matured, responsible manners and one compass which the benefit, stability and the development of the people 

3-To agree on combating terrorism issues and internal y national threats, whether in or out of the borders, shouldn’t be regarded on assumptions or this 

4- Stay away from unnatural steps and decisions and the misuse of the country’s institutions which are the properties of all Sudanese people 

5-the reference for agreement between the components of transitional authority is the Constitutional document, and its connection should be respected and implemented literally, and all issues are to be discussed and solved according to this reference 

6-Being committed to the Constitutional document that dismantling the party-state for the benefit of homeland state is a Constitutional commitment which meant to dismantle the control of ousted regime on the country and its resources and therefore it is a goal that shouldn’t be undone 

7- we should end all kinds of discord among all the components of forces of freedom and change to out large the base of transition to include the revolution and change forces 

8- Transitional justice remains the best instrument in which the desire of the victims and their families seek disregarding political, financial and legal prices that should be given through 

9- The prime minister’s initiative (national crisis and transition-related issues, the way forward is the greed platform of protecting the transition, and the instrument is seriously working to bring a specific vision of the nine issues specified by the initiative 

10- The result of these discussions will be translated and implemented through a broad consensus on a nationwide represented legislative council that expresses the country’s diversity.

In his conclusion, the prime minister restaurant that he will supervise addressed steps by himself with all parts in no time