“Millions of Sudanese are stranded in neighboring counties for an endless conflict in Sudan”

By: Shakoor Nyaketo – ceo@journalingual.com -www.journalingual.com

Sudan is now experiencing one of the most deadly wars in the history of modern humanity, The nation has scattered in the course of the last five months, the warring parties are not considerate to unreasonable killing of unarmed civilians, the rapid support forces changed Khartum into a ghost city, as it was declared by their leader Mr. Daglo a few years ago, once he said (If war started in Khartoum, only cats, dogs and monkies will survive living here), the world has witnessed a very distinguish the type of enmity deeply rooted between the children of one nation, yes Rwanda genocide of the 1990s has broken the records, but what is happening in Sudan has exceeded that of Rwanda.

15/4/2023 -Khartoum City, the capital

The ethical cleansing and the massive killings in Khartoum the capital and Darfur the western part of the country need an international campaign of surveillance and documentation, The stories are horrible, people are buried at their homes after drone strikes operation carried out by the national army forces on people who do not have a hand in this very insane war that brought the entire generation to a vanish, children are hungered to death, elderly are forsaken.

Sexual violence is used as a weapon to weaken those who are subjected to it, and brutalization and sluther of innocent people becomes a lifestyle in the country, Nearly everyone has to carry a weapon to join their rapid support forces RSF or Sudanese armed forces SAf other they still have to carry guns to protect themselves from theft, house robbery and the threat of losing their property under the power of the weapon.

The photo is credited to Mohamed Abaker

Individuals are stranded on the borders of neighboring countries, hoping for international aid to rain at closed doors of the borders, Some have and are eating insects, trees, and grasses and some have died of thirst, In this part of the world the Sudanese who fleed their home for safety are denied entry visas and some are deported, sent back to nowhere, families are left in the streets of Nairobi, professionals are left unemployed in Kampala others are paralyzed in Cairo, how about those who are not able to rejoin their loved once, missing with their bodies? a carrying mother who never set eyes on their sons and daughters since the spark of the war on the gloomy morning of Saturday fifteenth of April, you are yet to watch, hear, or read about the extremely unbearable situation out there.

The people in Darfur have not rested the 2003 war, yet a new war is imposed on them after they dreamed of the broker peace agreement brought from Juba after the fall of Omer al-Bashir, They are destined to live another terrible systematic killing with no purpose, from heavy weapon sounds to gun machine shooting, airstrikes, bombardments, and house burning the people in this region have enjoyed no morning in peace.