“Mini Arko Minaw meets the media agencies for an open mic”

Khartoum- 12-4-2023- Journalingual

He advised that there should be a Sudanese- Sudanese national dialogue inclusive to everyone from different walks of life within the local atmosphere.

Talking of governance shouldn’t be taken by the few eleads who always come to power illegal but rather democratic and through free an fair elections

Reconciliation, we learn from other countries experiences after thier independence on national dialogues, after every colonialism there should be a governing based on the endogenouses not according to the colonial will, and therefore there is no transitional justice without compensation and reconciliation and forgiveness.

About the political framework agreement he expressed that the forces of freedom and change the central council approaches the non-signatory bodies sometimes but the problem is the disputes between the militants before the final political agreement, as long as the framework agreement is surviving there will be no compromise.

Answering the question on the on going conflicts and the recent reports about the insecurity, Mini said there are some incidents in different places across Darfur but there is no firm information on the status que.

The leader has also commented on the disputes between the army and the rapid support forces, he said they have already formed a committee to bring the wiring parties to peace, he added that the disputes are not only between the chairman of the transitional council Abdelfatah Alburhan and his deputy Mohammed Hamdan Daglo the commander of RSF.