“Minister Abdalla Yahya Addresses Darberry Mobilization campaign conference at the friendship hall”

On behave of higher committee for Darberry campaign for peace, development and peaceful coexistence.
I salute you with an absolute greeting as you honor this conference participating in the most noble moment of building and development, to being to you at hands this effort which is one of the peace and stability results that came after the signing of Juba peace agreement that put an end to the war and distribution, brought us to face challenges of building, responding to our folk’s suffering to support their aspirations for good living, while currently the country’s official abilities at short to respond to those needs.

It has fallen to us awakening our collective wills shared with everyone to build ,develop , restore our cultural and social hiretage that know as campaigning or mobilising resources in which this initiative is begoten under the leadership of the higher committee of Darberry campaign for peace,development and peaceful coexistence, the initiative has learnt lessons from similar past mobilisation campaigns in nearby areas, considered the positive and negative aspects of those initiatives communicated with their community and popular leaders to brain storm the idea and it has gotten a considerable acceptance .

Therefore the higher commander has sent specialized mission for need study to scan information such as populations with the area and those who are now displaced at refugees camps, with an accurate specification to the their needs and the needs of the areas for fundamental services projects, such as water , schools, health centers, police stations , courts , mosques , markets, with an estimate of about 90 projects documented in a 37 minutes documentary video reflects the suffering of the people in the area and their dire need for these services.