New laws to reform media and journalism in Sudan introduced by the minister of culture and information

Khartoum: 2/8/2021- Journalingual

Honorable minister of culture and information passed out three newly developmen documents of reformation to the media and journalism frame at the national and regional level in the country

Mr. Haza balool said that the reformed laws are still under review after approved by the ministry committee that has been formed by his predissesor the former minister Dr. Faisal , he has also added saying that the laws have come at the right time , the minister disclosed four major points covered by the law.

  1. To draft and study the media and journalism policies on the general information trend nationwide in light of the principles and the goals of December great revolution and the commitments based on the constitutional docent
  2. To review and reform media laws and related laws to reflect the freedom of expression and information considering the international laws and covenants of the freedom of expression
  3. Review the situations of the public and private media institutions to serve the right of sudanese people’s access to news and correct information
  4. The committee bases its discussions and decisions on recommendations of media reform in Sudan , therefore three journalism laws are discussed used and approved, radio and TV law , right to information access

The minister concluded his press conference saying that very important laws are in the way coming out very soon