• It’s a general English language communication training course, this course has been designed to develop participants English level of understanding, use and practice in their daily live as well as at the public and private institutions, the course will intensively focus on the core four English language skills, merged with other communicative youth empowerment practices inside the class ,to improve not only linguistic aspects  but also professional skills to help them drive in different walks of life.
  • The program is set to develop learners in a maximum duration of four month intensively engage with many different activities, this course will also focus on problems that have been identified based on the pre evaluation survey and a face to face interview that participant have taken, it will also tap on the most complex issues in English suggested by the learners themselves so that they will have detailed concentration on particular issue that considered to be a driving force for participation


Training Course guideline

  • General English communication skills
  • Develop the four English skills
  • acquire the maximum deeded vocabulary for speaking
  • learn the English sounds and letters (phonetics )
  • learn social English communication parents
  • use daily life topics during the training
  • Understanding business English
  • Adopt the interactive English communication methods


Class activities

  • classroom lessons
  • role play and pair works
  • group works and discussions
  • individual / group presentations
  • debates and argument management
  • modern grammar activates
  • physical efforts exercise works


General outcomes

  • all class members identify their English problems and solve them within the course
  • at least every participants could be able to communicate in English
  • break the shyness of speaking English
  • participants achieve high records in all learning aspects


High level outcomes

  • All trainees understand the fundamentals of communication , use the general and business English and adopt it their offices as work language in favor for daily practice as they do to realize continuous progression .



Modern and interactive method of training English language based on collective participation, trainee’s creativity and physical efforts


Training Procedures

  • This training class will be intensively conducted in an interactive and practical way
  • The trainer introduces the subject in minutes
  • Questions and answers on the subject
  • Trainees will discuss the subject with the trainer
  • Groups task to the trainees monitored by the trainer
  • Group work presentation in public
  • Individual task to be followed up by the trainer
  • Homework given to trainees to be reviewed at the beginning of the next session
  • Final session, all trainees present product of the training they had


Code of conduct

  • Not speaking Arabic in the class at all
  • Time / punctuality
  • Daily attendance – only for reasonable absence
  • Everyone participate
  • Respect and listen to each other’s opinion
  • No fuel language no offence
  • Do all allotted exercises given
  • Cooperation and synergy


Term and conditions

  • Participants must have previous knowledge the basics of English communication
  • Must be motivated and self inspired to join with purpose to make the maximum benefit
  • Must have undertaken and evaluation before being admitted to the course
  • Must be free to dedicate at least hours daily along the four months intensive program
  • Must be committed to pay the tuition fee and complete the four long months allocated for the course
  • Demonstrate willingness to use this knowledge for community service and social change