“A night of remembering the 1994 genocide of Rwanda”

Khartoum-7-4-2023- Journalingual

Rwanda has two important holidays along the year all of them are days to remember the dark days of 1990s when the genocide took many people’s lives.

Therefore the 7th of April a United Nations international recognised day for mourning those who’s life was taken in the name of hate, but the Rwandan people aspired to overcome those years and bring about an everlasting peaceful coexistence.

The date, 7 April, marks the start of the 1994 genocide which lasted for the 100-day period to mid-July 1994.Every year, on or around that date, the United Nations organizes commemorative events at its Headquarters in New York and at United Nations offices around the world.

The 4th of July concludes the Rwandan liberation and also celebrated by Rwandese and other nations of interest in Rwanda’s genocidal story .