“The final stage of the political process in Sudan”

Khartoum -17-3-2023-Journalingual

With an unprecedented presence of the international community and the local community organisations along with different plotical affiliations, a political deal is about to be staged to it final designation between disputing parties over governance in Sudan after the 25th October change of regime introduced by the military leaders headed by H.E general Abdelfatah Alburhan the chiarman of the sovereignty council.

Transitional justice is the thematic aspect of the today’s workshop, based on Sudanese concept for justice and transitional justice, there has been an inclusive recognition of all interested parties

The trilateral mechanism of united nations integrated transitional assistance in Sudan UNITAMS the African union AU and Intergovernmental authority on development IGAD is taking the lead in bringing all stakeholders together on the negotiating table that took so long to bring about peace , but distinctively this workshop brought representatives from every region of the country to take part in the process in which their communities would be more hopeful to see practical outcomes that result peace and transitional justice.