“The First Sudanese Revolutionary Front Youth Conference meeting”

Omdurman – 11-6-2022- Journalingual

A group of Sudanese youth who are supporting and belong to Sudanese revolutionary front organized an unprecedented youth meeting includes at least four armed movement who signed the Juba peace agreement for Sudan peace in which the peace and security arrangement for Darfur peace and security , the conference is initiated to bring different youth people for the purpose of working together and come out with important recommendation for the government on how peace process should look like and how would the war areas like Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kurdofan should be granted sustainable peace and security

Founder of the initiative Mr. Yahya Nor addressed the attendance that its very important to come together and find out a solution to the ongoing problems in Darfur and therefore he thought of coming out with this initiative and organize such conference in order to bring the youth of the Sudanese revolutionary front together and listen to them

The participants have said that this conference is a mandate from their people who are now living at the internally displaced persons camps as well as the refugees in neighboring countries , the mandate is discuss and push their issues to the top leaders in order to bring the front table of the government for remedy and concrete solutions , not only the conflicting areas bit also the rest of the country.

Representatives of the Sudanese revolutionary front have separately addressed the issues of marginalization and decentralizing the live service that people need nationwide , but most importantly they discussed the for thematic areas of the conference.

Theme one interaction:that all youth need to communicate and interact with each others in order to understand one another problems and demands, it has been said that the Sudanese youth are in good communication and close interaction that is why there is no clear vision to guide the young people across the country, communication among the youth is considered main challenge and it has to be a story in the past and its time interact and communicate with different people in the surrounding

Theme two is Tolerance: this theme brough out an argumentative point of saying that young people are all ways in disagreement and there is no common ground or commonality to bring them all together for tolerance and forgiveness, the lack of tolerance is a reason for disputes and continuous war said one of the participating speakers .

Theme three Unity: most of the keynote speakers preferred to to talk about the unity of the nation as South Sudan is gone to the absence of true unity among Sudanese communities as well as among young people who are considered to be agents for peace and to call for the unification not separation, in this regard they sent message to their top senior leaders that if youth are not united then there will no unity between the communities.

Theme four: Building: building the nation is one of the top priorities came in Juba peace agreement and the national constitutional document that has been drafted after the fall of former regime of Omer al-Bashir, stressing on young peoples ability to build and bring about peace and protect the agreement , al participants are members of armed movements who were anti- dictatorship and imperialism that has been imposed over the Sudanese people over decades since 1989 when the ousted national congress party came to power by coup.

By : Shakoor Nyaketo