“The Insane War in Khartoum”

By: Shakoor Nyaketo

How many people have lost their lives over the last two weeks in Khartoum and across Sudan? five days before the most important religious festivals of Ramadan month where all Sudanese Muslims would celebrate, joined by their non-Muslim neighbors as, Sudanese they share occasions regardless of who and what faith they embraced.

The last fifteen days were the most difficult and hostile days in the history of Khartoum, civilians got up in the morning hearing gunshots and sounds of heavy weapons on the rooves, bullets were and are still falling inside residential houses, a war that has no justification and very unreasonable to randomly end people’s lives in such brutal and barbaric manner of sending people to death.

Bombs penetrated innocent family houses and give them torturing and horrific time before they die, then the killers celebrate their shambles achievement of destroying public and private properties, looting and smashing everything they see or come across, this is the most deadly and destructive war ever in the history of Sudan.

The death among unarmed civilians is hitting the thousand (1,000) with more than four thousand (4,000) reported injuries just in Khartoum city disregarding reports from other Sudanese states that are now on fire, people fled with their lives leaving everything behind, innocent elderlies, children and the most vulnerable community members are now hostile inside their houses or taking refuge in the neighboring borders with rejection and absolute absence of basic life services.

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by L.T Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo and the Sudanese Army Forces (SAF) led. by L.T Gen. Abd-elfatah Al-Burhan are the once to be held accountable for atrocities and genocidal acts that terrorized a whole nation and put the citizens of the entire country in danger, schools are shot , hospitals are destroyed and become, bottle field after the their doctors are killed and brutalized, markets are burned , business places are looted and their owners are chased or killed , it’s the first time in history to see bead bodies are laying in the streets or to find someone dead in his car or inside a house without being reported, taken for investigation or at least berried with a dignity as a human being, I am writing you , I have left my home forcibly seeking refuge in another country, looking for unknown future for my little family.