“The Minister of Industry discusses with the Turkish company CTS the prospects for industrial cooperation”

Khartoum: September 7, 2021 – Journalingual

The Minister of Industry, Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh Abdul Rahman, confirmed the government’s tendency to develop the oil industry and convert crude into an added value that contributes to the wheel of the national economy. When meeting with the Turkish company CTS, Sheikh said that the Ministry of Industry seeks to benefit from all experiences to develop the national industry through successful partnerships, and added that the food industries The manufacturing industry is a priority for the ministry to achieve self-sufficiency and export Sudanese products abroad.

The Turkish company CTS presented its desire to enter the oil industry, and revealed the readiness of a modern oil factory that produces 100 tons per day, which it seeks to operate in Sudan. of waste in a country in Bangladesh, and confirmed its desire to transfer the experience to Sudan.It is noteworthy that the Turkish CTS company has entered Sudan since 2018 and has implemented a silo factory in Giad, and silos for storing crops on the island with a capacity of 100,000 tons.