“The story of 19th and 25th of December 2021”

Khartoum- 25-12-2021- Journalingual

The nineteenth of December 2021 commemorates the third anniversary of the Sudan people’s peaceful civilian-led revolution that ousted long served president Omer Elbashir after thirty years of military rule, the what called December great revolution carried a nationwide dream of democratic and fully civilian ruled country has again empowered by pro democracy protesters who revolted against what they call it an imperial regime of dictatorship based on suppression and restrictions of human freedoms such ad freedom of expression,  freedom of belief freedom of access to justice and equality.

The 19/12/2021 has come as a result of the latest changes that made by the army in which the revolutionaries believe it is an organized  military coup and it has no room for compromise as long as the there is no civilian-led governance according the Constitutional Declaration in reference to Juba Peace Agreement that brought a militarily and civilian joined transitional government before General Alburahan the chairperson for the sovereign transitional council denounced it with an arrest of civilian political leaders including the prime minister Abdalla Hamdook on 25th October 2021 followed by a brutal act from the security forces on protests where about 40 were shot dead and over 100 reported with severe injuries due to tear gas and live ammunition gunshots reported by major media houses locally and at international level

But later on 21rst November 2021 a political document has been sighed between the prime minister Abdalla Hamdook and the chairperson of the transitional council Abdelfatah Alburhan , that agreement added an insult to injury to bering the revolution back again, thousands of people took to the streets weekly bases despite the internet shutdown , its know that the internet helps protesters organize their marches , timing and places of demonstration.

25th December has followed the same track of rejecting the political deal and demand for a complete civilian government handover by the time the government is talking about reforming the legislative council from technocrats who are not bias a political party or any other ideological group or an organization with a different goal than what the people of Sudan revolted for three years ago

By: Shakoor Nyaketo