“Undersecretary for the ministry of industry discusses with the Red Sea government over local industries development”

Port Sudan: 2/9/2021 –Journalimgual

Mr. Ismail Shams El-Din El-Shafei urged the Red Sea government to take advantage of the financial opportunities available for industrial projects, and called upon the state administration to submit industrial projects to be financed within the framework of Sudanese-Japanese cooperation.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry, Eng. Ismail Shams Al-Din Al-Shafei, held a meeting with the Acting Governor of the Red Sea, Mr. Magdy Ibrahim, and the Acting Director General of the Industrial Sector to the state, Salah Fateh Al-Rahman, at the govermental secretariat of Red See, the meeting covered discussion over the conditions Red see industrial zones and seek out ways for development for Industry prospects problems and Solutions over the coming weeks