“Unexpected visit to Kenya, Alburhan arrived in Nairobi and welcome by president William Ruto”

Nairobi- 13-11-2023- Journalingual

After meeting him in Jedah during the Saudi African summit, the chairman of the Sudanese sovereign council Abdelfatah Al-burhan is welcomed by the Kenyan president William Ruto

This shocking visit left the media brain storming what has exceptionally come out of extraordinary Araboafrican summit that brought the totally disagreed men over the 15 Aprils war when William Ruto offered to host the peace talks between the Sudanese armed forces and the rapid support forced to held in Kenya, AL Burhan rejected that accusing William Ruto being bias to the RSF leader General Mohammed Hamden Daglo, claiming that the Kenyan president is supporting the rebels to fight the national army and therefore his mediation was no longer acceptable.

But today we have seen a sudden side meeting being disclosed in during the summit before few hours to report AL Burhan being welcomed again in Ruto’s presidential palace in Nairobi, something fishy needs to be discovered, Journalingual was able to find out.

H.E AL Burhan briefed the Kenyan president on the current situations in the country and in regards to the civilian’s life and security situation as far as Kenya is concerned, He has also updated him on the massive destruction caused by what he called the rebel militias named rapid support forces (RSF).

They have discussed the historical relations between the two nation and how could they advance the bilateral relations between Sudan and Kenya and the multilateral ties in the region at large, in the meantime President Ruto expressed his concern on the current peace and security situation in Sudan stressing on the importance of bringing the war to an end and make peace urgently

On this regards General Burhan assured the wiliness of the Sudanese government to find grass root solution the crisis as the conflict hits the eight months, mover than 10,000 civilians are killed, hundreds of thousands are badly injured and about 18,5 million are internally displaced while some of them took refuge in the ordering counties.

Ceasefire and the continuity of negotiation process in Jeddah was a necessity they both agreed to work on and they talked over convening an urgent Summit to the IGAD heads of the states to find an effective solution to remedy the situations in the Sudan