“WFP arbitrary dismissed security guards forced the world food program office to close and prevent employees from work”

Nyala – 29th-August 2021- Journalingual

Ammar Mansour the WFP arbitrary dismissed security guards spoksman talked to Journalingual

Tens of Sudanese security guard employees are arbitrary dismissed from the world food program WFP on 30/6/2011.

He said they have tried to get their right peacefully but there was no any positive response from their direct and senior management to the level of regional management, the last option they remained with is to take to the street and protest infront of the WFP headquarters offices in Darfur, 37 day of contious sit-in infront of the WFP office in Nyala South Darfur,

A WFP high level manager called Khalid Othman from Somalia came to the protest ground with the general manger for WFP security department along with Nyala office director, they listened to them and suggested to compromise between WFP and the security guard members on the protest based on that they prepared a file and WFP requested to submit the file to the ministry of foriegn affairs, to take a look at and reconcile the situation on 12/6/2021

The WFP rejected the meeting for compromise , henceforth the security guard members erected their sit-in paivilion infront the WFP office in Nyala , they blocked the road and prevented WFP employees to enter and assume work, they only allow security guards to work as they keep the office safe otherwise no body is allowed to enter and operate before they are given their rights as firmly expressed by the formal representative. for more stories please visit our website https://journalingual.com/flix/ or follow us on social media platforms Journalingual