“Wherever and whenever you see this picture thinks of it thousand times”

Dubai- 21/8/2021 – Journalingual

Starting with their mission code> (Building a world leading destination) Dubai has become a safe home to everyone in the world looking for peaceful holiday or vacation time to spend free from fear and out negativities, every Dubai visitor I asked was running out of world to express how happy they are, it has always been enough for me to understand and het the message when I saw their facial expressions and read beyond the lines on their faces. I would feel that I have been there and enjoyed what they did, what ignites the human desire for vising Dubai is that similar descriptions of how do people featured paradise and the life of being valued as person, as visitor not only but as a citizen, most of them told me that they could never think of how much they spent on small things they get or see in UAE for the qualitative satisfaction and excellent service provided , this could tell the advancement of the country and how the Emirates themselves look at tourism not at business only but a worldwide human connection, the uniqueness of this country is that everyone dreams to have business , work or at least a visit to UAE for its modernity , globalization and beauty , natural and artificial views the country nearly attracted everyone across the globe, experiencing generous atmosphere within the Arab hospitality proved friendly welcome to those who seek peaceful and safe refuge where they could relax and have maximum joy they are looking for, do not let go any chance of being part of this dynamic tourism , seas each and every opportunity you may have to experience new world of excitement .

Shakoor Nyaketo – Journalingual