You’ll hear the entire bout of our very own podcast on characteristics really love Lab, Spotify and fruit Podcasts

You’ll hear the entire bout of our very own podcast on characteristics really love Lab, Spotify and fruit Podcasts

This week, the very first time ever, we keep in touch with two who happen to be the same character to explore ENTP and ENTP compatibility.

Anna (ENTP) and Ethan (ENTP), who are situated in Nebraska, initial fulfilled when they happened to be learning movie theater at college and now have come collectively for just two many years. They were instantly for a passing fancy wavelength and provided many hobbies. Within episode, they explore their particular introverted tendencies despite are extroverts, how they usually think the dating sites for single parents same thing and Ethan’s sly method of asking Anna on a night out together.

Lou (ESFJ): Hi! This is character appreciate research, in which we interview actual couples to dig further in to the 16 characteristics type and really love.

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Lou (ESFJ): We’re your own hosts. I am Lou, an ESFJ, also referred to as So Supportive.

Jess (INFP): And I’m Jess, an INFP, also called So Extraordinary.

Lou (ESFJ): now on individuality research we’ve got Anna and Ethan from Nebraska. Anna was 24, Ethan is 23 and they’ve got started collectively for just two ages.

Anna and Ethan become both ENTPs, also called So Visionary.

We’re actually stoked up about interviewing them both because it’s the first time we’ve have an ENTP regarding the podcast therefore the very first time we’ve questioned several the exact same individuality means.

Just how do you men satisfy?

Anna (ENTP): So basically, we had been both movie theater discipline in school, so we came across in identical stagecraft course. We basically fused over usual interests. We had been in identical gamble together, therefore we just started talking and all of our friendship started from there basically.

Jess (INFP): as soon as you fulfilled the place you quickly on a single wavelength (getting the same character type)?

Ethan (ENTP): i suppose it had been definitely similar wavelength. For certain.

Anna (ENTP): Yeah. We bonded many. We’ve got very similar hobbies, as a result it started after that. And I realize with lots of individuals with equivalent identity sort, you receive someone that’s a particular means and someone who’s another type of method, and even though they can be similar person. But seriously, we shared welfare. We promote quite similar experiences also.

Jess (INFP): Okay, great.

Lou (ESFJ): what exactly is very first date like next? Exactly how made it happen result?

Ethan (ENTP): better, which was enjoyable because how it happened was, we had been in a category collectively and I also had kind of liked the woman a bit before she appreciated me personally. But through this energy, we were both on a single web page about this. We just had not really mentioned things about any of it yet.

Anna (ENTP): it had been all-in your mind.

Ethan (ENTP): And so there was this paper planned in lessons therefore the bet ended up being, she mentioned, “I’m not planning do the papers.” And that I said, “All appropriate. I will do it. We’ll create a bet. Loss has to find the champion breakfast.” And I also had no aim of ever before achieving this dumb report, and so I have got to pick morning meal which had been sorts of how it all spun hence is where it gone.

Anna (ENTP): I never allowed your disregard they too.

Jess (INFP): Did you know it had been a romantic date, Anna?

Anna (ENTP): I did. We particular sensed they, we bantered back-and-forth for a time plus it ended up being similar to, “Okay, he entirely likes myself.” Then other folks are only like, “Are you positive he does? Have You Been positive he isn’t joking along with you?” I am like, “No, We feeling they,” because we had been, both flirting in much the same. So it got relatively clear for me.

Lou (ESFJ): as well as how made it happen embark on the particular big date? Just what do you do?

Ethan (ENTP): Great. Yeah, we simply went along to this small break fast spot on campus then we just rolling with it right after which came the “i love your” and that was just about it.

Anna (ENTP): it had been a bit after, he stated something similar to, “Just What Are we likely to manage about it unspoken thing between us?” And I also was actually like, “Okay, okay. I understood this is coming for some reason.”

Jess (INFP): Yeah. That’s an effective way to do they. Not so subdued. Merely state they since it is.